Springfield rifle serial number dating

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Dating a Danish Krag is simple, as the manufacture date is stamped on the receiver and a proof date is set on the barrel.All except the Model 1928 are straight-wrist stocked.

The Model 1898 Rifle was the officially adopted rifle featuring the reversed cut-off invented for the 1896 Cavalry Carbine.

It also sports a sharply cut relieve in the stock for the shaft of the bolt handle (as opposed to the previously rounded notches).

This rifle also began production with the 1896 rear sight before the adoption of the 1898 rear sight.

Like every other US Krag, the Model 1896 underwent several updates, usually involving the magazine cutoff and rear sight.

After the frequent updates to the 1892, the year of manufacture was dropped and replaced with “Model 1896” on the receiver.

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The Model 1896 Rifle has two distinct features separating it from the late Model 1892.