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Sex dating in dayton alabama

The attack occurred on February 2, in the 2600 block of Lincoln Park Avenue.

Herrera was walking his pomeranian, named Dodger, when the pit bulls escaped their property and attacked Dodger, killing him.

Emergency personnel responded to a home on Charles Thomas Road about am.

[source citations] Jamie Owsley, 21-years old, died after being bitten in the neck by a family pit bull.The father would not consent to testing for drugs or alcohol." [source citations] Louise Hermida, 75-years old, died after being attacked by her own dog.She was mauled in the basement of her 27th Street home.The attack occurred at his home at 1005 1/2 Jersey Street in the early morning hours of February 26.The dog involved was one of three pit bulls belonging to his roommate and cousin Kerry Talburt II.

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[source citations] Skylar Julius, 2-months old, was killed by the family dog.

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