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Quid pro quo claims are claims in which sexual harassment may have been involved in an employment decision.

Essentially, these are claims for scenarios that arise where you are sexual favors or other submission to sexual harassment is requested or required in order for you to continue to advance professionally, and that your submission or rejection of sexual harassment advances is used as a basis for employment decisions.

And there’ll certainly be a higher demand for them, and you’re going to make a lot more money,” Bates said.In other words, is your boss saying you need to sleep with them in order to get the promotion you have been working towards?Whether they are subtly implying it, or saying it outright, this is grounds for a quid pro quo sexual harassment claim.Growing up as a teenager in the late 1950's and early 1960's the primary reasons to abstain from sex were the fear of pregnancy and the belief that it was a sin to have sex outside of marriage.This thinking was generally embraced by the culture however the reality of the behavior matching the thinking could be challenged.

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An Oklahoma City employment attorney can also help you to take the necessary steps and see to it that your issue is addressed correctly.

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