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Shortly thereafter, it was all history - wanting to create a supercar in Fangio's name, Horacio set off with the goal of drawing inspiration from Fangio's favourite company, Mercedes-Benz.

The engine air-cooling grills had been interestingly reshaped so that they partially wrap around the exhausts and give a freer flow to the design of the body.

While one might have imagined that the Zonda S was going to be the pinnacle of Horacio's output, he proved all us wrong in 2005 when he released the S' successor, prominently referred as the "F" (which is meant to represent Juan Manuel Fangio, of course).

If you followed the Zonda prior to the F's release, it wouldn't have been hard to see the styling changes.

The resemblance is clearly evident too - Swooping, high front wheel arches with minimal metal gaping; a low front end with a bubble canopy giving the sensation one is driving between the wheels and a swooping, wide and low rear-end.

Individual similarities in design elements between the Pagani and Mercedes are also evident.

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I think that to fully appreciate the Zonda from a design point of view, one must understand the Zonda's design philosophy and premise.