Invalidating a nstimer

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Invalidating a nstimer

I am trying to make a countdown timer, however I am struggling with my code.I have a UIDate Picker to select the date to countdown to, but ever every time I try to do a countdown the seconds start at 54 seconds instead of adjusting to the actual time of the device.Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?Problem: I have a game which generates wall in every 2 seconds.In many situations, however, you also want the option of invalidating the timer—perhaps even before it starts.In this case, you do need to keep a reference to the timer, so that you can send it an invalidate message whenever appropriate.You create a local variable named explosion that has the same name as the instance variable.

NSDate *d = [NSDate date With Time Interval Since Now: 60.0]; NSTimer *t = [[NSTimer alloc] init With Fire Date: d interval: 1 target: self selector:@selector(on Tick:) user Info:nil repeats: YES]; NSRun Loop *runner = [NSRun Loop current Run Loop]; [runner add Timer:t for Mode: NSDefault Run Loop Mode]; [t release]; NSMethod Signature *sgn = [self method Signature For Selector:@selector(on Tick:)]; NSInvocation *inv = [NSInvocation invocation With Method Signature: sgn]; [inv set Target: self]; [inv set Selector:@selector(on Tick:)]; NSTimer *t = [NSTimer timer With Time Interval: 1.0 invocation:inv repeats: YES]; #import "My View Controller.h" @interface My View Controller () @property (strong, nonatomic) NSTimer *timer; @end @implementation My View Controller double timer Interval = 1.0f; - (NSTimer *) timer - (void)view Did Load -(void)on Tick:(NSTimer*)timer @end NSCalendar Unit all Units = NSCalendar Unit Year | NSCalendar Unit Month | NSCalendar Unit Day | NSCalendar Unit Hour | NSCalendar Unit Minute | NSCalendar Unit Second; NSCalendar *calendar = [[ NSCalendar alloc] init With Calendar Identifier: NSGregorian Calendar]; NSDate Components *weekday Components = [calendar components: all Units from Date: [ NSDate date ] ]; [ weekday Components set Hour: weekday 1 ]; [ weekday Components set Minute: 0 ]; [ weekday Components set Second: 0 ]; NSDate *next Time = [ calendar date From Components: weekday Components ]; refresh Timer = [[ NSTimer alloc ] init With Fire Date: next Time interval: 0.0 target: self selector: @selector( do Refresh ) user Info: nil repeats: NO ]; [[NSRun Loop current Run Loop] add Timer: refresh Timer for Mode: NSDefault Run Loop Mode]; Of course, substitute "do Refresh" with your class's desired method try to create the calendar object once and make the all Units a static for efficiency.adding one to hour component works just fine, no need for a midnight test (link) Thank you for your interest in this question.Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).I tried to stop the timer of wall creation when the game is suspended: I checked several answers but all of them explains the solution when NSTimer sits in Game View Controller and I cant access my NSTimer in Game Scene from Game View Controller.The answers are based on using to send notification from file, then using an observer in Game View Controller to stop the timer in it.

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From the article, creating a scheduled, non-repeating timer can be done something like this: instance.

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