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In the last tutorial about the control of DMC Sampler’s adaptability, we learned how to affect the quality and speed of V-Ray rendering globally.In this tutorial, we will look into the settings of the This tutorial answers the following questions: - How to avoid the 3ds Max crash when it is not enough RAM?So, let’s imagine the scene geometry as a set of usual green tree leaves, and the raycasting algorithm as a tireless ant, which have to find the most delicious yellowish leave amongst all green ones.In our analogy, this yellow leaf will embody the needed data about the geometry, hit by a raycasting ray.Each ray intersection is fixed and thus V-Ray determines the location of geometry in the scene, its basic properties and other information required for further rendering.The process of calculation of the single raycast, i.e.

- What is BSP tree and how does its structure look like in V-Ray? - How to change the V-Ray rendering process priority?For example, the HD 1920x1080 resolution render is made of more than 2 million separate pixels.This scale changes the situation fundamentally, making the raycasting process very resource-intensive.This article is written for V-Ray 3d rendering plugin version 1.5.You may find that some particular interface options have different names, are implemented elsewhere, or not applicable for the newest V-Ray and another software.

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Especially, considering that the user is entirely limited to the proposed interface. Before start the rendering, V-Ray has to load into RAM the scene geometry for operative using it during calculation of the final image.

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