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Borderline dating

BPD sufferers frequently find themselves in physically or emotionally abusive relationships, says Behary.In many cases, they’ll gravitate toward partners who they hope can fill the needs that weren’t met in their childhoods, which often leads to staying in toxic relationships.There's ample evidence that it's “partly inherited genetically and partly a function of stressful experiences during growth and development that leads to some pretty significant interference in successful functioning," though experts still aren't 100% sure of the underlying cause, says Dr.Oldham, who chaired the workgroup that developed the American Psychiatric Association’s Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Patients With Borderline Personality Disorder.BPD is frequently misdiagnosed as chronic depression.Though depression is common in people who have BPD, their symptoms tend to manifest a little differently.

“It’s virtually toxic for them to own that their rage and anger is not justified by another person, but actually coming from inside.” People with borderline are impulsive: they'll drop thousands of dollars on a new television without considering how it will impact their finances, have unprotected sex with multiple partners, or engage in other risky behavior. Oldham says they can’t help it—their minds work like hyperactive motors in cars with broken breaks. At times, risk taking tendencies can even lead to cutting or other extreme self-harm, says Dr. “It helps them turn off their emotions and produce release.” This generally happens when people with BPD feel extremely dissociated, detached, or numb for too long. Oldham points out there’s a high rate of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in the BPD population.RELATED: 30 Signs You're In a Toxic Relationship We all get anxious from time to time, but for those with BPD, anxiety is all consuming, characterized by intense feelings of nervousness, tenseness, or panic.These emotions often arise as a hypersensitive response to other people’s actions, says Dr. People with BPD have an extreme desire to be needed and liked, and it can be debilitating.For example, explains Mattila, if your partner was supposed to pick you up at 7 and didn’t arrive until , the appropriate response would be irritation.Someone with BPD will react by saying something like, “'I’m breaking up with you, you don’t love me, I hate you, you’re never there for me,' and so on,” says Mattila.

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“There’s a lack of understanding about how your own behavior impacts people, so when your emotions are out of control, it doesn’t register that this causes stress for others,” he says.